August iPhone Wallpaper and My One Year Birthday

Friday was my one year blog anniversary! So much has happened in the past year and life has been busy, but it will be exciting to see where year two takes me. I feel like I have a better focus for where I want my blog to go this coming year and I’m brimming with ideas. I just need to make the time for it all. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything other than wallpapers, but Amy and I have gotten back to work and have the next six months of Sister Inspirations planned out. So look for the September edition within the next few weeks.

One of my goals for my blog was to design an iPhone wallpaper every month. I did it! I’ve seen a lot of growth in my designs and I was even featured on the blog Lines Across. When Rachel posted her list of summer iPhone wallpapers last year, it was actually my original inspiration start designing them myself. I was ecstatic when I saw she included one of mine in her list this year. Enjoy my 13th design and hopefully many more to come.

Download: iPhone 4
Download: iPhone 5

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